Adventures with Viruses & Covid~19

This year’s First Week of School is unlike any other. 
With the virus still out of control and everyone unsure of what is the right thing to do, we have modified our curriculum to include safety, knowledge and fun. All of the activities can be done from your own home with few resources. They can be used with all elementary age children.

Started off by talking about viruses and the importance of Masks. We used these cute stories or you can make up your own to fit your school circumstances.
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Coloring page:

Design your own mask and lanyard holder

Talk about the importance of clean Hands 
Trace around hands on piece of paper. Laminate or put into  gallon ziplock. Color with watercolor or dry erase marker.  Then ‘wash’ with a wet wipe or a wet paper towel.

Washing with a wet wipe or wet paper towel doesn’t remove germs. Use the  Highlighters and draw dots on hand. Wash once.  
Look at hand. You can’t see ‘germs’  Now shine a Blacklight Flashlight,. The ‘germs’ will still glow. Stress the importance of singing the Abc’s or a song and using soap to get rid of Germs. 

Show how ‘Germs’ are afraid of soap 
Put water in a pan, dish, or plate add some pepper. Put soap on your finger dip finger in center. ‘Germs’ pepper will move away from finger. 

Make viruses with coffee filters or paper towel. Color with  watercolor markersLiquid water colorwatercolor paints. Spray with water let dry add a face.

Printables from other sites:

I created a playlist on YOUTUBE with songs and videos related to these topics. 

Hope these activities are helpful in some way. 
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