Safari Learning is an Adventure

Safari Summer Activity

Free Printable Shape Safari Printable Banner

Safari Treasure Hunt
Riddles below are attached to the backs of the pictures. Then hidden around the play area. Use binoculars to find the animals and solve the riddles. 

Going on a Lion Hunt Lyrics

Elephant Race
Used a Pool Noodle as a trunk and had a race to see who could move the peanut from point a to b first. 

Safari Adventure Color Your Own Paper Masks (12 ct)

Fun science project. If you have never used SunArt Paper you should try it. Place flat nature objects on paper. Place in sun for 2 minutes. Submerge in water for 1 minutes. Glue to card stock and add Safari stickers.

Rain stick
(Recycled Sobe Bottle, Broken Kabob sticks and rainbow rice)
Break Your Own Geodes

Found these Chameleon Eye Viewers. Learned how they can see in two directions at the same time. (The eyes move)

 Visited with my Son's Salamanders.
Flingin' Frogs 

Monkey Toss Game

Safari Croquet

Get the Snakes!

Ran out of snakes so we put lizards in the water and 'saved' them by using 2 Popsicle sticks

Lilypad Relay


  1. Oh this is so adorable!!!! I love this, kind of makes me want kiddos.

  2. So many fun ideas...oh how I wished that I lived near my grand children. I would love to do some of these activities with them.

  3. Looks like some great preschool or ECE fun! Theresa @DearCreatives