When the youth and leaders got there we put all of their names in a hat. They were picked 2 at a time to come up and put on a blindfold. Once blindfolded, they had 15 seconds to make a choice. The first to choose  gets their choice; the other person is given the other choice. 

(Scene Setter ~ We found the darkest room in our Church Building it happened to be right by the kitchen with a serving window between which was perfect. For the night we replaced the florescent light tubes with  Black Light Tubes. We had 2 other Blacklights  that plugged in and were attached to the wall. I had several black light posters displayed around the room.)
Printable found Here

Studio B Psychodelic Pulse Poster
 Blacklight Creeper Blacklight Poster Print, 36x24
 Swirls Blacklight Poster Blacklight Poster Print, 23x35 
(24x36) Electric Rainbow (Spiral) Flocked Blacklight Poster Print

Each challenge individually explained with pictures. As you can see I turned out awesome. Everyone had fun, it was safe and just enough excitement.

Challenge #1
Would you rather eat WORMS or FROGS?
Worms found Here

 Frog Mold 
(Hint: Make sure you spray the mold with Pam before pouring in the green Jello or they are impossible to get out.)

Challenge #2
Would you rather have frozen toes or frozen fingers?
(Pan full of ice with spider rings, glow in the dark ping pong ball eyes, marbles and Halloween erasers)

Challenge #3
Would you rather find troll toes or snakes? With your teeth!
(Brussel sprouts in water or gummy worms in chocolate pudding)

Challenge #4
Would you rather be mummified or burn from the inside out?
(Wrapped in toilet paper or eat Takis until the other is wrapped)

Challenge #5
Would you rather get food out of intestines or walk across broken glass? ( Pick tofu out of spaghetti noodles covered in pesto sauce and oil , or walk on chips)

Challenge #6
Would you rather eat frog eggs or monster boogers?
(Tapioca or caramel apple sugar babies)

Challenge #7
Would you rather go maggot hunting or capture ghost screams?
(Find cut gummy worms in whipped topping or catch powdered donuts on a string)

Challenge #8
Would you rather eat witches fingers or goblin eyes?
(Lady finger cookies with green frosting and almonds or grapes throw 2 kinds in to throw them off)

Challenge #9
Would you rather drink blood or urine?
(Red or yellow jello, I was wishing that I would have gotten a urine sample cup to put the yellow jello in, next time.The green was left over from the frogs I had it in case we had extra kids and I would have called it snot ) 

Challenge #10
Would you rather retrieve a treasure or pick lice out of hair?
(This one was a little more high adventure, there were live and dead crickets in a cage with a king size candy bar at the bottom. The lice was just rice in an old style dolls hair, but remember things are not as they seem with a blindfold on.)

Don't Forget the Desserts
Bloody Cupcakes with Shards of Broken (Sugar) Glass
Fear Factor Cupcakes

Shrunken Heads In Blood to Drink
Shrunken heads, Directions Found Here, floating in black cherry Koolaid and Sprite with Dry Ice

Enjoy! Hope you have as much fun as we did. Thanks for stopping by.