Christmas Advent Adventures

Christmas Advent Adventures

These are some ways to keep Christ the center of  Christmas.

(This was used for the LDS YW lesson for (How can I prepare to establish a Christ centered Home/Christmas)

I put together this advent calendar with ideas that I found Here and Here.
(I printed the picture as thumbnails and then did 2 sheets per page in order for them to fit on the calendar.)

I laminated the calendars and used these scratch off stickers to cover each picture. Then everyday scratch off a sticker and reveal the picture. If you look closely there is a scripture reference on the bottom that can be looked up and read.
I incorporated the ideas I found Here 
CHRIST-Centered Christmas . . .
  • Music {The Ultimate Playlist}
  • Decor  {Free Printables} (I used the banner)
  • Books  (A Donkey's Little Tale has a Kindle addition that I used)
  • Movies (Joy To The World)
  • Advents (see above)
  • “Elf on the Shelf” Alternatives
  • Crafts & Activities (Magnets)
  • Coloring Pages (#3 coloring page)
  • Treats & Snacks (Candy cane Legend and M&M Poem
  • Gifts (I will have them wait for these until closer to Christmas :)
  • Traditions (Discussion on what traditions they have)
  • Service (Planning a week night activity on this more to come)

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