New School Year Adventure

New School Year Adventure
Getting to Know You

Super Cute Hand and Fingerprint Keepsake
Inspiration found Here

 We decorated  Scrapbook Case by added names, first day pictures and stickers.
These travel with the child back and forth to keep work and communications in. They are kind of big for some of the little ones but they sure love them! 

 Getting to Know You Memory Game

 Download School dot marker/ magnet page Here

 Download School dot marker/ magnet page Here

Add features, clothes and names to Our New Circle of Friends. Pattern here. (Sorry for the quality of the picture)

Fishing for Friends 
 Thumbnail pictures of the kids with a piece of a Magnet on the back. (fishing poles are dowels with foam strips and a magnet) 

 Used Party People Chopsticks  and  Assorted Pom Poms to talk about how we are all different, different sizes and colors, like pom poms.  We can pick new friends, (fine motor skills: transfer the pom poms from floor to jar.)

Talked about our  Families and how each are unique.

The name game by Teach Preschool 
Played this fun Name Game found here

Making Self-Portraits on a mirror with a dry erase marker
(Found mirrors at the Dollar Store)

Exploring fingerprints with a Magnifying glass

Fine motor skills: Adding beads to Necklace
Printable Here 

Alphabet Earrings
 Beads found Here


  1. That alphabet name game looks like a lot of fun! I hope you have a wonderful new school year :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. I looked for magnet art for back to school and couldn't find any so I quickly made my own, hoped someone else could use it too. Thanks again.

  3. Oh these are awesome! What great ideas :)

    1. Thanks so much, glad you stopped by, hope you will follow along.