Super Dad ~ Father's Day

I have a nephew that is really into trains so I used some of these ideas (Car Track Shirt Idea Here  Musical Massage Shirt Idea Here)  and he made a train massage shirt for his Dad for Father's Day.
(The Dad wears the shirt and lays down on the floor so the child can drive the train on his back giving him a massage) 

Front of the Shirt
We wrapped them up in this cute bag found here. Shirt and tie gift bag

 Added these super cute pictures (idea found here) Super dad photo

Super 'Pop'corn label

 Father's Day Treat Idea Here

 I also teach a combined class of Sunbeams and Ctr's at church. We will be talking about the Father of our ward so with the help of these ideas, Here  Here  Here  Here this is what I came up with.
 There are hand prints all around the box with pictures of the children in the class

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