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Adventures with books: Chrysanthemum

Adventures with Books: 


A~Z Schoolers Book Awards for the Best Books
Who are We? We are Readers! 

First Grade Wow has a packet of awesome printables Here

"She loved the way her name looked when it was written with ink on an envelope....And she loved the way it looked when she wrote it herself with her fat orange crayon."
Practiced writing our names in different ways.
Found this cute name poem printable Here

"She felt much better after her favorite dinner (macaroni and cheese with ketchup).

"And Parcheesi"

 Wrote names in the dirt

  "She felt a trifle better after her favorite dessert 
(chocolate cake with butter cream frosting) and....Parcheesi."

 Talked about bad dreams and drew pictures of them.

Pencil topper chrysanthemum
(Found these mini chrysanthemums at the dollar store) 

Don't forget the chrysanthemum earrings. :)


  1. What a fun day! I love the pencil toppers. They are so easy to make, but something that always slips my mind.

  2. Ah, to have little ones. That cake look yummy no wonder she felt better. ;) Sweet. Theresa @DearCreatives