4th of July

Happy 4th of July 

Using fine motor skills:  add the stars to the clothes pins to make a  flag. I got the idea for this clothesline flag here.

   Patriotic Movement Game 
        Idea for movement game here I used these  Movement cards Here as well as these Patriotic 
pictures that I made.  Use 2  Photo Stacking Blocks  put movement (somersault, dance, wave, twirl, jump, kneel) in one block. Put Patriotic pictures in the other block. Have large Patriotic pictures around the play area. Roll both dice and find out what movement you will use to get to the large picture.

Exploding Firework Art
Idea found here  You will need a Film Canister, watered down paint Alka-Seltzer and a large piece of paper

Ring a Flag 
You will need: Flags and Rings

  Fine Motor Button Transfer
 You will need  star shaped buttons,   Star Silicone MoldTweezers,   Star-shaped  Bowl

 Magnetic Fireworks in a Jar
Magnet Wand Recycled Jar.  Cut the pipe cleaners into short pieces, put in recycled jar then run the magnet along the outside and pick up the 'fireworks'

Patriotic Ribbon Dancers
 Tape Plastic Red White Blue Patriotic  Ribbon  to a new pencil. Twirl it around you as you dance

Fizzy Fireworks
Pour some Baking Soda on a tray, color some vinegar and use eyedroppers to drip it onto the baking soda.
(note: do not do this in the grass. Our grass died in the places that this spilled over)

Pin the Star on the Flag
Painted butcher paper flag. Add self adhesive star stickers with names written on them.

Flag chocolate covered pretzels

Patriotic Drink

 Very fun science experiment! 

Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

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