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Positive ‘All About Me’ Unit
I can have a positive Back to school Attitude. 

Using  SIDEWALK CHALK, or  wrapping paper lay down. Have someone draw around your body. Decorate it to look like you! (Share pictures in the comments)

What makes you Awesome?

Everyone needs a pick me up these days. You could get these for your Family, Friends or Neighbors. Write You A-Maze Me on the back with a permanent marker.
                          Heart Maze

See how Adorable you are by doing a self portrait. Draw yourself with a Markers or Window Markers while looking in a Mirror
Or have your parents or siblings draw you through a window, door or any clear Plastic. (If you happen to have a laminator you could laminate a sheet with nothing inside and use that.)

Hope these activities are helpful in some way. 
Thanks for your support. Please leave feedback. I would love to see your finished papers or how you used the activities. 
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