Halloween Adventures ~ Letter H

Halloween Adventures ~ Letter H

Haunted House Hallway Hide-a-way
Inspiration from Here
A lot of fun at night with purple lights inside

Haunted House Puppet Theater
6 openings for our Ghost Hand Puppets

We made our own Ghost Puppets out of kitchen gloves.

We made up stories about Trick or Treaters and ghosts, because of the glove, we counted by 5's until there were 30 ghosts in the Haunted House.

 Tried to mix up the dot marker/magnet pages. Drew this "candy" filled pumpkin (Printable Here) on a Laminating Pouch with permanent markers. Ran it through the Laminator.  We used a
Portable Light Box, and  Transparent Counters

 We also used the Transparent Counters on this Hunt for Happy Pumpkins Page

IDLE HANDS  to sort, count, stir, pretend cook, Pumpkin Seeds

 Sensory Halloween Hands
Rubber gloves filled with flour, rice, popcorn kernels, water beads, hair gel, shaving cream, cornstarch

Decorate  Orange Plastic Bags like Jack-O-Lanterns to put our prizes in.

Painted Halloween shapes made with a  Halloween Mold and
5 Minute Sheetrock Patching Compound

Which Witches hat holds the Bat?
Decorate Orange Cones with black paper. Hide the  Bats under one hat, mix them up, guess which hat the bat  is under.

Bowl of Slime

Penny toss for SPIDER RINGS

  Pick a Pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch, Pop to find the sight words.
Orange Balloons with faces, green leaves and sight words inside.
Hop on the H  Pumpkin  Patch sight words
Roll a dice and hop to the matching pumpkin.
A Halloween Carnival won't be complete with out a Fish in a bag.

I thought about feeder fish, but they don't last long and then kids are sad, so we made Clear Soap in a gift Ziplock bags  and added a Vinyl Goldfish. You can take the soap out and use it and when it is gone you can play with the fish.

Electrical Tape Spider Web
Black Lanterns and Black Leis


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