Fall Review Adventure

Fall Review Adventure
Letters A-F, Numbers 1-6, Color words

They love to cut so we made straw for our Scarecrow

Light Table Fall Leaf Sort
(Make your own light table  Clear ToteLED Light Strip-- Plates and leaves are from the dollar store)

Printables Here

Printables Here

Download Printable Here     Inspiration Here
Water color leaves 
(Cut from Coffee Filter or use these Color Diffusing Leaves)
color with washable markers and spray with water

 Collected leaves
 To make this cute laminated picture 
from Ingles 360 Here

Leaf Matching Activity
found Here 
(Leaves and Clothes Pins from the Dollar Store)

Used extra leaves to make Wreaths
 idea found Here 
and more extra leaves...
They found that they stick to brick for a little while then fall like leaves from a tree.

We didn't have enough leaves, so we used  Dancing Scarves
to dance and throw, while listening to autumn music. They also made pretend leaf piles to jump in

Pumpkin Sight word relay race

Apple Seed Sight Words and Name Recognition


  1. How fun! Posts like these make me miss teaching... :)

  2. These are all great ideas that you have. I used to always do printable activities when my kids were younger.