Adventures with Books: IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO SCHOOL

Adventures with Books:  

If You Take a Mouse to School

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If You Take a Mouse to School
We had so much fun with this book. We explored it by following along and doing all the things that the mouse did in one day.
 He'll ask you for your lunchbox. 
Painted an old lunchbox to look like the one in the book. Made these magnets to retell the story as we went along.

He'll take a look around.
Found this little mouse in a package of 3 at the dollar store. (In the pet/cat section) We hid him under our sorting cups and tried to find him.
(It would be better with 3 cups that are the same color, we just hid our eyes)

 He might do a little math. And spell a word or two.

He'll even try a science experiment.

He'll build a little mouse house.  
And make some furniture out of clay.  

Then he'll need some books for his bookshelf. He'll start by writing one of his own. So he'll need a lot of paper.  
While he is waiting, he'll play a quick game of soccer.  
 Then he'll ask you to shoot a few baskets.  

And do a little skateboarding.

You'll have to take him back to School.
Bookmarks (Foam Sheet  and felt.)

Made a Giant Pencil out of a pool noodle and tried to write our ABC's as if we were a mouse with a pencil.

Used a Child size brown socks, stuffed with toilet paper, some loom bands, pipe cleaner and wiggly eyes to create a mouse

Made paper backpacks to "take our mouse to school". Added a pencil to go with it.

Can't forget the Mouse Earrings

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  1. great fun! Especially like the bookmarks! Found your site through the Ultimate Pinterest Link up!