Angry Bird Week Summer Activity

Summer Adventure: Angry Birds

Angry Birds Scene Setter Wall Decorations

The Home has an excellent lesson with free printables about Anger Management, Don't be an Angry Bird I highly recommend taking a look at it.  

After reading through the Anger management lesson, I wanted to make a calming item for the kids. I have seen calming jars circulating the internet and they inspired me to make these Angry Bird calming balls.

You shake the ball when angry and the glitter swirls, watch as it settles to the bottom, it has a very calming affect.

Catapult (PVC Pipe, a Launcher, Balls)

(We found that the tetherball base with the pvc pipe worked better than the boards) 

Trying a boomerang 

Team Work
 Mega Ball Launcher

 We used ball pit balls and taped the faces on. We found that they are too light so we drilled a small hole in the bottom and added a little water. Hot glue the hole closed.

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game
Angry Bird Ball Toss

Early Bird gets the worm. Use the Clothes pins bird to find all of your color Chenille Stem worms.

Oh no!The pigs have stolen the Eggs, carefully place them back on their Nests.

The  Angry Birds have lost their Feathers. Feather Sorting Activity

Personal catapult and Angry Bird Game

Cool Down Cubes  Found  Here

Feed the birds so they won't be Angry. 

(Cheerios , Pipe Cleaners, Pine Cones, Peanut Butter, Bird Food )

TNT Gift Boxes

Assorted Colored Plastic Bags (50 pc)

Red Bird and Pig Earrings

Can you spot the Angry Bird? While making the Calming Balls, I lost one of the blue bird faces.

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game