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Bug Week ~ Self Esteem

This week we talked about being
                                                                   BEE'YOU'TIFUL, ..."What I like about ME."

Self Esteem can have a big part to play in how we feel about Ourselves,  also how much we enjoy or worry about things. We talked about things that BUG us, how we can be good friends and not PESTS that BUG others. We can be beautiful by standing up against bullies and not bullying others. We learned that once you say something you can't take it back. WE CAN DO IT!
 Curl up into a cocoon
Emerge a Bee'YOU'tiful Butterfly

We talked about the things that BUG us, then we used swatters from the Dollar Store to Swat them
Make this cute Roly Poly Bug Found Here
Wrote down ways to solve our problems on the sections of the bug, and talked about how we don't need to roll up scared. We can face our problems and find a way to work them out.

Don't get caught in a web of Negativity 
Wrapped Bug finger puppets in yarn and hung them on this yarn web, made with a hula hoop. Used fine motor skills to untangle the bug without ruining the web. We talked about how negative things can wrap us up and are not good.

Science experiment MAGIC BUG: use carbonated drink and raisins (bubbles get caught in the folds of the raisin. As they pop the 'bug magically moves around')

Found these clips at the dollar store. I cut out the bugs from the catch-a-bug game, laminated them and attached them to poker chips. Used these clips to pick them up and drop them into containers that had the bug jar printable attached
Catch-a-bug free printable game

Catch a Bug! Free printable game from picklebums.com  Learn colours and counting with options for all ages.

Love Bugs 
Do nice things for others and leave a love bug behind then they can pass it on to someone else.

Tired of waiting days for your molds to cure? Unmold in 15 minutes using Sheetrock patching compound found Here!

We complimented ourselves and our friends as we passed a ball of string from one friend to another until we completed a Giant Web
A Bug week wouldn't be complete without a 

Usg Sheetrock Patching Compound